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Grandtrek AT21

Grandtrek AT21

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The weather constantly changes, so prepare your truck or SUV for changing road conditions with Dunlop's Grandtrek AT21 tires. These all-season tires have an M&S rating for use on both 2WD and 4WD trucks, crossovers, SUVs and medium-sized vans. On both wet and dry roads, AT21 tires grip the road and improve your handling and braking. When you want maximum traction in every weather condition, choose Grandtrek tires from Dunlop.

Dunlop's Grandtrek All-Season Tires

When the weather calls for rain, trust the traction and superior control of Grandtrek AT21 tires. With these tires, you can handle rain and snow thanks to their circumferential sipes for wet traction and lateral grooves for biting into light snow. The tires perform well even in standing water and reduce your chances of hydroplaning.

Every AT21 tire has 5-Pitch technology, which aids in noise reduction and creates a quieter, more comfortable ride on the highway. The center rib provides optimal road contact for reduced road noise, and the tread on the outer shoulder improves your traction in turns. With AT21 tires on your vehicle, you gain superior braking and traction from season to season.

Grandtrek AT21 Features and Benefits

  • M&S rating for use on most trucks, vans and SUVs
  • All-season tread design for maximum traction in all weather conditions
  • Lateral grooves for wet and snow traction
  • Longitudinal siping for hydroplaning resistance
  • 5-Pitch technology for a quiet ride
  • Improved handling, braking and control
  • Eligible for a replacement limited warranty

Grip the Road With Grandtrek AT21 Tires

In rain, snow and shine, Grandtrek AT21 tires increase your traction in the best and worst driving conditions. Their all-season tread design grips wet, dry and snow-covered roads and enhances your steering and braking at high and low speeds. With the tires' circumferential and lateral grooves, you gain traction through standing water and reduce your risk of hydroplaning. In addition, the tires' 5-Pitch technology ensures a quiet, comfortable ride even at highway speeds. When the weather shows its worst side, equip your vehicle with Dunlop's Grandtrek AT21 tires, and fight back with superior traction and exceptional control.

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