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Cargo Vector (771)

Cargo Vector (771)

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When you need a tire that gives you year-round performance, check out the Cargo Vector from Goodyear. This tire delivers positive traction from summer to winter and provides balanced wear life. It fits on a range of light trucks and vans and promotes a balanced ride on the highway. The Vector has an all-season tread design that increases your traction in the worst conditions without sacrificing tire life.

Goodyear's Long-Lasting Tires for Trucks and Vans

Goodyear gives the Cargo Vector top performance ratings for wet, dry and winter traction. This tire has an asymmetrical tread pattern for positive grip on dry and wet roads, and it has an added all-weather silica compound for increased biting edges on snow. Even with its aggressive tread design, the Cargo Vector wears evenly for smooth driving and long-lasting performance.

To help with wet and wintry conditions, the Cargo Vector has circumferential grooves that resist hydroplaning and assist with wet traction even while cornering. The slotted shoulders also help with cornering performance while increasing stability throughout the drive. The internal steel belts ensure durability and strength to carry heavy loads in every season.

Cargo Vector Features and Benefits

  • All-season tread compound
  • Suitable for light trucks and vans
  • Silica tread for winter traction and balanced treadwear
  • Orbital grooves for hydroplaning resistance
  • Lateral grooves for wet traction, stability and precision
  • Slotted shoulders for better cornering performance
  • Durable construction for withstanding heavy loads
  • M+S rating for mud and snow

Durable Truck Tires for All-Season Driving

The Cargo Vector promotes excellent all-season traction and handling response in the best and worst conditions. It has a durable tread design that withstands long-distance driving and delivers balanced treadwear. The Vector also has a subtle design that blends in well with any light truck or van.

Check out Kauffman Tire for the best selection of Goodyear Cargo Vector tires. We offer the lowest prices on all tires and can install them in a timely manner. We also have numerous automotive services for you to choose from when you come by the shop. For all-season truck tires that go the distance, invest in the Cargo Vector from Goodyear.

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