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SP Sport 2050

SP Sport 2050

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If you want the ultimate driving performance in all seasons, rely on Dunlop's SP Sport 2050 tires. With these sport-performance tires, you gain superior handling and control on both wet and dry roads. In addition, the tires' maintain their shape and enable a smoother ride at highway speeds. For greater handling from summer to winter, drive on SP Sport 2050 tires from Dunlop.

Sports Tires for Every Weather Condition

Dunlop produces SP Sport 2050 tires for drivers who need better traction and handling in wet, dry and light snow conditions. These tires come in a variety of sizes to fit most sports coupes and sedans, and their sleek styling and specialized tread design enhances the look of your car. The tires' circumferential and lateral grooves assist with wet traction and reduce hydroplaning at high speeds.

The fine-tuned groove depth creates a smooth ride on the highway while the tires' durable construction offers greater strength and stability for long-distance driving. With a triple tread radius, the tires have increased contact with the road and provide exceptional handling and control in turns. Moreover, Dunlop's Jointless Band Technology maintains the tires' shape and improves overall ride quality.

Performance Features of SP Sport 2050 Tires

  • Circumferential grooves for resisting hydroplaning
  • Triple tread radius for greater contact with the road and improved handling
  • Jointless Band Technology for maintaining the tires' shape
  • Fine-tuned groove depth for a smoother ride
  • Unique tread design for maximum traction on wet and dry roads
  • Eligible for Dunlop's limited replacement warranty

Sport-Performance Tires for Your Ride

Whether you drive a high-performance sedan or a true sports car, Dunlop's SP Sport 2050 all-season tires deliver maximum traction, handling and control in every weather condition. From light snow to heavy rain, these tires grip the road and give you unparalleled straight-line and cornering stability at high speeds. The tires' circumferential grooves expel water out of your way and reduce the risk of hydroplaning. The Jointless Band Technology and the limited replacement warranty ensure longer tire life and the confidence to drive for miles. For all-season and high-performance driving, go with SP Sport 2050 tires from Dunlop.

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