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SP Sport D4000

SP Sport D4000

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Gain superior traction and control in all seasons with Dunlop's SP Sport D4000 high-performance tires. From hot, dry roads in summer to icy, snow-covered streets in winter, these tires offer maximum grip and handling in every driving condition. With their exclusive tread design and rigid tread blocks, you experience a smooth ride from season to season. For exceptional performance in wet and dry conditions, rely on SP Sport D4000 tires.

All-Season Performance for Your Vehicle

SP Sport D4000 all-season tires feature Dunlop's Twin-Shift Noise Reduction System, which minimizes road noise at highway speeds. In addition, the tires' exclusive tread design ensures superior traction on both ice and snow. These tires also have rigid tread blocks that offer greater dry handling on straightaways and around corners.

For wet conditions, SP Sport D4000 tires have circumferential grooves for better wet traction and hydroplaning resistance. Furthermore, the tires' groove area assists with traction on slippery surfaces. With the tires' crisscross grooves, you experience optimal grip, control and treadwear for thousands of miles. Even with the tires' all-season tread blocks, you hear less in-vehicle noise and experience a smoother ride.

SP Sport D4000 Performance Features

  • Twin-Shift Noise Reduction System for a quiet ride
  • Circumferential grooves for wet traction and hydroplaning resistance
  • Rigid tread blocks for greater handling in dry conditions
  • Patent-pending tread design for superior grip and energy absorption
  • All-weather traction on icy, snow-covered, dry and wet roads
  • Quieter and smoother performance than similar all-season tires
  • Dunlop's Self-Supporting Technology for driving on a flat tire

Master the Road With SP Sport D4000 Tires

With a set of SP Sport D4000 tires on your car, you drive with greater traction, cornering stability and handling in any weather condition. In rain, shine or snow, these tires offer maximum grip and road contact for better straight-line and cornering performance. The tires' circumferential grooves assist with wet traction and hydroplaning resistance, and the Twin-Shift Noise Reduction System promotes a smoother, quieter ride experience. Thanks to the tires' patent-pending tread design, you gain superior traction and control on ice and snow. Upgrade your vehicle's all-season performance with Dunlop's SP Sport D4000 tires.

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