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SP Sport 5000

SP Sport 5000

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195/60R16 89H N/A --- Add ---
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P215/45R18 89V N/A --- Add ---
215/45R18 89W N/A --- Add ---
P215/60R16 94V N/A --- Add ---
225/45R17 91V N/A --- Add ---
P225/45R19 92W N/A --- Add ---
P225/55R17 95H N/A --- Add ---
P225/55R17 95H N/A --- Add ---
P235/50R18 97V N/A --- Add ---
P245/40RF19 94V N/A --- Add ---
245/45R17 95V N/A --- Add ---
P245/45R18 96V N/A --- Add ---
P245/50ZR17 98W N/A --- Add ---
255/60R17 106H N/A --- Add ---
275/55R17 109V N/A --- Add ---
P275/55R20 111H N/A --- Add ---

Upgrade your car's performance in any season with Dunlop's SP Sport 5000 tires. With their asymmetrical tread design and aggressive appearance, you gain superior traction in all weather conditions and enhance the look of your sports coupe or high-performance sedan. On wet, dry and snow-covered roads, you gain better handling and control in turns at high speeds. For maximum all-season performance, trust in SP Sport 5000 tires.

Greater Traction in All Driving Conditions

SP Sport 5000 tires have an asymmetrical tread design that promotes greater wet and dry performance. Even in light snow, the tread grips the road and improves your vehicle's overall handling and control. Furthermore, these tires have independent tread blocks with open shoulder grooves for greater wet traction. The tires' circumferential tread reduces your car's hydroplaning risk at high speeds, and the steel belts provide added tire strength and exceptional ride uniformity.

These tires also feature Dunlop's Jointless Band Technology, which maintains the tires' shape and offers smooth performance at high speeds. Moreover, each tire has a Max Flange Shield that protects the rims from curb damage. Regardless of the season, SP Sport 5000 tires enhance your vehicle's looks, traction and performance.

Performance Features of SP Sport 5000 Tires

  • Jointless Band Technology for maintaining the tires' shape
  • Max Flange Shield for rim protection
  • Asymmetrical tread for balanced wet and dry performance
  • Independent tread blocks and circumferential tread for wet traction
  • Steel belts for greater strength and ride uniformity
  • Eligible for Dunlop's limited replacement warranty

Sport-Performance Tires for All-Season Driving

Take control of any driving condition with a set of SP Sport 5000 all-season tires on your car. These tires improve your vehicle's handling, cornering performance and stability on wet, dry and lightly snow-covered roads. SP Sport tires reduce your risk of hydroplaning thanks to independent tread blocks and circumferential grooves. You also experience greater control and handling in turns with the tires' open shoulder grooves. With their Max Flange Shield and steel belts, these tires prevent accidental rim damage and increase your ride uniformity. From summer to winter, drive confidently in any weather condition with Dunlop's SP Sport 5000 sport-performance tires.

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