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Grandtrek ST8000

Grandtrek ST8000

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If you want to drive on the open road without feeling every bump, equip your ride with Grandtrek ST8000 tires from Dunlop. These tires have Dunlop's all-season and high-performance tags for superior traction, improved ride comfort and excellent handling. They fit most SUVs and enhance your vehicle's look with their staggered shoulder design and wide-lettered branding. For a ride you have to feel to believe, choose the Grandtrek ST8000.

High-Performance Tires for All-Season Driving

Dunlop creates ST8000 tires with continuous center ribs that deliver exceptional wet and dry handling for mile after mile. The center rib also improves road contact and gives you better control and a feel for the road. Dunlop gives these tires added traction with staggered outer shoulders, which grip the road and provide greater wet traction and cornering performance.

On rain-soaked roads, Grandtrek tires prevail with their four circumferential sipes that expel water out of the tread and reduce the chances of hydroplaning. These tires also have lateral grooves that cross over the sipes and enhance your vehicle's traction on wet and snow-covered roads. If you want a luxurious ride in your SUV, go with ST8000 tires on your vehicle.

Grandtrek ST8000 Features and Benefits

  • Created for SUVs and all-season traction
  • High-performance tires for year-round driving
  • Center rib for better wet and dry handling
  • Siping and grooves for grip in rain and snow
  • Staggered shoulder tread for wet-road traction and cornering
  • Large, bold lettering for upgraded styling
  • Eligible for Dunlop's limited replacement warranty

Luxurious Comfort With ST8000 Tires

Gain year-round traction and high-performance handling with Grandtrek ST8000 tires from Dunlop. Made for luxury SUVs, these tires enhance your traction in every season and give you improved handling and cornering performance on the open road. Experience a smooth ride and greater control thanks to the tires' center rib design. Drive through standing water and over snow with the tires' lateral grooves and circumferential siping. With their staggered shoulder design and durable construction, these tires weather any storm for thousands of miles. When you want a reliable tire for every season, turn to Dunlop's Grandtrek ST8000 high-performance tires.

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