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Eagle RS-A2

Eagle RS-A2

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The Eagle RS-A2 offers exceptional all-season traction and comes in a sport-performance design that upgrades your car's appearance. This sporty, all-weather tire consists of Goodyear's advanced tread compounds for extra grip in every season. From rain and shine to sleet and snow, the Eagle RS-A2 grips the road and enhances your steering response and cornering stability no matter what the weather brings your way.

Goodyear's Sport-Performance, All-Season Tires

With its asymmetrical tread, the Eagle RS-A2 increases your traction throughout the year. The aggressive tread pattern slices through water and snow for improved performance at low and high speeds, and it does it without sacrificing tread life and ride quality. The larger blocks on the outer shoulder ensure better grip in wet, dry and wintry conditions while improving your cornering stability and power.

In wet and wintry weather, the Eagle RS-A2's sipes and grooves take over. The orbital grooves ensure positive water evacuation and create more rubber contact with the road. Because of this, you gain excellent wet traction and resistance to hydroplaning. The lateral sipes throughout the tread create biting edges for gripping the road and optimizing your traction in snow.

Eagle RS-A2 Features and Benefits

  • All-weather tread compound
  • Asymmetrical tread pattern for better wear and all-season traction
  • Sport-performance design for coupes and sedans
  • Built-in rim protector for guarding the tire and the wheel from curb damage
  • Continuous center rib for increased steering response and ride comfort
  • Eligible for Goodyear's limited replacement warranty

All-Season Traction and High-Performance Styling

When upgrading your car's style and traction matter the most, equip your ride with the Goodyear Eagle RS-A2. This all-season tire has a sporty design that not only looks good but performs well in any weather condition. The tread pattern provides multiple tire rotations for long tread life, and the numerous sipes and grooves ensure greater traction in the worst weather.

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