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Eagle F1 Supercar EMT (412)

Eagle F1 Supercar EMT (412)

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Grip the road with extreme traction and handling response with the Eagle F1 Supercar EMT from Goodyear. This ultrahigh-performance tire fits on a variety of sports cars and has a bold design that upgrades their appearance. Goodyear designs this tire for summertime driving, so it has high-performance tread and numerous sipes for providing the ultimate traction on both wet and dry roads.

Goodyear's Sport-Performance, Run-Flat Tires

The Eagle F1 Supercar EMT has Goodyear's race-inspired tread design for superior handling response at high speeds. In addition, this tire has a multiradius profile for providing a smooth, quiet ride with balanced treadwear. For added assurance, the Eagle F1 has run-flat technology, which allows you to drive up to 50 miles on a flat tire with zero air pressure even at speeds of 50 mph.

To help with wet traction, the Eagle F1 EMT has longitudinal grooves and lateral sipes that channel water out of the tread. These multiple grooves create more rubber-to-road contact and help with hydroplaning resistance. The slotted shoulders and notched central zone improve your stability, steering response and cornering performance at high speeds.

Eagle F1 Supercar EMT Features and Benefits

  • Ultrahigh-performance tires for supercars
  • Race-derived tire profile for precise handling
  • Serrated sidewall design for upgraded style
  • Advanced tread compound for dry and wet handling
  • Orbital and lateral sipes for hydroplaning resistance
  • Central ribs for stability and driver response
  • Asymmetrical tread and large shoulder blocks for cornering grip

Superb Dry Traction and Wet Handling in One

The Eagle F1 Supercar EMT upgrades your car's traction, handling response and steering precision in one. It has a race-inspired mold shape for increased control and balanced wear while the serrated sidewall band helps with cornering and enhances your car's style.

Let the technicians at Kauffman Tire upgrade your car with Eagle F1 Supercar EMT tires. We carry a full selection of Goodyear tires in stock and offer them at the lowest prices online and at the store. When you want a reliable tire that performs just as good as it looks, check out our Eagle F1 Supercar EMT ultrahigh-performance tires from Goodyear.

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