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Latitude Sport 3

Latitude Sport 3

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225/55R19 99V N/A --- Add ---
235/50R19 99V N/A --- Add ---
235/55R18 100V N/A --- Add ---
235/55R18 100V N/A --- Add ---
235/55R19 101V N/A --- Add ---
235/55R19 101Y N/A --- Add ---
235/55R19 101Y N/A --- Add ---
235/60R17 102V N/A --- Add ---
235/60R18 103W N/A --- Add ---
235/65R17 104W N/A --- Add ---
245/45R20 103W N/A --- Add ---
255/50R19 107V N/A --- Add ---
255/50R19 103Y N/A --- Add ---
255/50R20 109Y N/A --- Add ---
255/55R18 105W N/A --- Add ---
255/55R18 109V N/A --- Add ---
255/60R17 106V N/A --- Add ---
255/60R18 112V N/A --- Add ---
265/40R21 101Y N/A --- Add ---
265/45R20 104Y N/A --- Add ---
265/50R19 110Y N/A --- Add ---
265/50R20 107V N/A --- Add ---
275/40R20 106Y N/A --- Add ---
275/45R19 108Y N/A --- Add ---
275/55R17 109V N/A --- Add ---
295/35R21 103Y N/A --- Add ---
295/35R21 107Y N/A --- Add ---
295/35R21 107Y N/A --- Add ---
295/40R20 106Y N/A --- Add ---
295/45R20 110Y N/A --- Add ---
315/35R20 110W N/A --- Add ---

The Michelin Latitude Sport 3 is an ultra high performance tire that will help you drive with confidence. This tire is designed for most luxury CUVs and SUVs, equipping them with excellent handling and traction in wet weather and great steering reponse and grip levels when its dry. This tire is manufactured with Michelin's Total Performance concept to assure safety, durability and better all around performance that you can count on. The Latitude Sport 3 is finished off with Michelin's legendary attention to detail on ride quality and low cabin noise.

  • New and improved tread compound enhance wet traction and braking compared to its predecessor, the Latitude Sport.
  • The symmetric tread pattern provides better grip and handling on wet and dry surfaces.
  • Variable thickness sipes reduce rolling resistance to deliver better fuel efficiency throughout the life of the tire.
  • Available in V, W and Y speed ratings with a 20,000-mile limited treadwear warranty.
  • OE equipment for some luxury SUVs and CUVs.

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