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SP Sport Maxx TT

SP Sport Maxx TT

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Enjoy improved summertime performance with Dunlop SP Sport Maxx TT tires. These high-quality tires are specifically designed for warm weather. With features like Multi-Radius Tread Technology, Jointless Bands and Kevlar-reinforced sidewalls, the SP Sport Maxx TT tire will dramatically enhance the driving precision, road contact, grip, responsiveness, acceleration and braking of any sports car, coupe or high-performance sedan.

Superior Durability and Improved Performance

The SP Sport Maxx TT tire by Dunlop boasts an exceptionally strong, firm sidewall thanks to the addition of Kevlar, which is encased in the rubber of the bead area. In addition to increasing the strength and durability of the tire, it allows for a stronger, tighter connection between the tire and the rim, which makes for improved braking and acceleration while increasing stability during cornering. Jointless Band, or JLB, technology, which consists of twin steel belts inside the tire itself, ensures durability even at high speeds. These spirally wound, polyamide cords also provide a more uniform ride under all summer driving conditions.

Features of Dunlop SP Sport Maxx TT Tires

  • Increased performance for summer conditions
  • Touch Technology for superior road feedback and improved precision
  • Jointless Band technology for exceptional durability and a more uniform driving experience
  • Kevlar-reinforced sidewalls that create a stronger connection between tire and rim for improved cornering, acceleration and braking
  • Specialized tread rubber compound with an asymmetric design for unbeatable rubber contact with the road in wet and dry conditions
  • Multi-Radius Tread Technology ensures equally distributed pressure for smooth transitions from straight to curved paths

Improve acceleration, cornering, braking and precision during the summer by equipping your sedan, coupe or sports car with Dunlop SP Sport Maxx TT tires. With Kevlar-reinforced sidewalls, Touch Technology, Multi-Radius Tread Technology and Jointless Band construction, these tires are built to last. Dunlop manufactures them in a variety of sizes, so find the perfect fit for your vehicle today.

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