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Eagle NCT *ROF*

Eagle NCT *ROF*

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The Eagle NCT ROF consists of Goodyear's run-flat technology, giving you the confidence to drive up to 50 miles on a tire with zero air pressure. This tire also includes other features, such as sport-performance tread for enhancing dry and wet handling at high speeds. The Eagle NCT has a modern sidewall design that upgrades the look of most sporty cars, and the tire comes standard on select European and Asian vehicles.

Goodyear's High-Performance Tires for Summer

With its innovative tread compound, the Eagle NCT ROF grips the road in wet and dry conditions and provides more responsive handling. The tire's neutral contour assists with handling response and increases your driveability in turns. Because it has a wide contact patch, you gain more rubber-to-road contact for better stability and steering precision.

In wet conditions, the Eagle's orbital grooves expel water away from the tread for better hydroplaning resistance. The center ribs also contain angled sipes to assist with wet traction and high-speed stability. The slots between the outer tread blocks improve your cornering performance in wet and dry conditions while the internal steel belts increase the tire's strength and durability.

Eagle NCT ROF Features and Benefits

  • Sport-performance tire for summertime conditions
  • Run-flat technology
  • Orbital grooves for hydroplaning resistance
  • Multiple sipes for wet traction
  • Wide tread for increased road contact
  • Stability ribs for enhanced steering precision
  • Modern sidewall design
  • Neutral contour for better handling response

Run-Flat Tires for High-Performance Driving

The Eagle NCT ROF offers sporty looks and high-performance style in one. This tire combines a neutral contour with wide tread for greater responsiveness and traction, and it keeps water out of the tread for better grip on the wettest roads. With run-flat technology, you have the confidence to drive home even with a flat tire.

Find your new Eagle NCT ROF tires online or at your local Kauffman Tire. We have a full selection of Goodyear tires at the lowest prices, and we offer fast installation and the friendliest customer service in our shop. When you want a high-performance tire with dependable features, check out our Eagle NCT ROF from Goodyear.

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