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Pilot Primacy

Pilot Primacy

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The Pilot Primacy delivers exceptional handling response on the highway and improves your overall driving experience. This tire fits on a variety of luxury-performance automobiles and comes standard on the BMW 7 Series and other popular touring cars. Michelin creates the Primacy with an emphasis on handling, braking and ride comfort, giving you enhanced driver feedback and control at high speeds.

Michelin's Luxury-Performance Touring Tires

With its Comfort Control Technology, the Pilot Primacy promotes exceptional ride quality. This technology consists of a computer-optimized design that reduces road noise and vibrations for a much quieter ride on the highway. The tire's solid center rib also assists with ride comfort and increases your steering response and stability. In addition, the silica-based tread encourages maximum wet and dry handling even while cornering.

To help with wet conditions, the Pilot Primacy has sweeping, lateral sipes and orbital channels to evacuate water from the tire. These grooves create more rubber contact with the road in wet conditions and reduce your risk of hydroplaning in deep puddles. The Primacy's shoulder blocks also contain multiple sipes and edges for improved braking and handling on wet roads.

Pilot Primacy Features and Benefits

  • Summer tire for luxury-performance vehicles
  • 10-star rating for handling response
  • Silica-based tread for greater handling, braking and traction
  • Shoulder blocks with numerous edges for improved ride quality
  • Orbital channels for hydroplaning resistance
  • Optimized contour for longer tread life and better high-speed performance

Luxurious Ride Quality on the Open Road

The Pilot Primacy upgrades your driving experience in so many ways, from increasing your handling in wet and dry conditions to creating less noise and promoting smoother performance at high speeds. It also has long-lasting tread life and delivers excellent service for miles.

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