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Primacy 3

Primacy 3

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195/55R16 87H 30k --- Add ---
205/45R17 88W 35k --- Add ---
205/55R16 91H 30k --- Add ---
205/55R16 91V 30k --- Add ---
205/55R17 91W 30k --- Add ---
225/45R17 91W 30k --- Add ---
225/45R18 95Y 30k --- Add ---
225/45R18 91W 35k --- Add ---
225/50R17 94W 35k --- Add ---
225/50R17 94W 35k --- Add ---
225/55R17 97Y 35k --- Add ---
225/55R17 97Y 35k --- Add ---
225/55R17 97Y 30k --- Add ---
225/60R17 99V 35k --- Add ---
245/40R18 97Y 30k --- Add ---
245/45R18 100Y 35k --- Add ---
245/45R18 100Y 30k --- Add ---
245/45R19 98Y 35k --- Add ---
245/45R19 98Y 30k --- Add ---
245/50R18 100W 30k --- Add ---
245/55R17 102W 35k --- Add ---
275/40R18 99Y 30k --- Add ---
275/40R19 101Y 35k --- Add ---
275/40R19 101Y 30k --- Add ---

The Michelin Primacy 3 is a luxury performance touring tire designed to provide impressive handling in wet and dry conditions. This tire is constructed with Michelin's innovative technology to provide better performance and grip on the pavement. With improved cornering and braking capabilities, the Primacy 3 will deliver reliability and longevity for the everyday driver.

  • The auto-blocking sipe technology enhances wet traction and braking on slippery surfaces.
  • Its rubber tread compound provides better grip and cornering in wet and dry conditions.
  • Zero Pressure technology features reinforced sidewalls that can be driven up to 50 miles with no air pressure to improve safety and longevity.
  • Michelin's Comfort Control technology is used to reduce cabin noise for a smooth and quiet ride.
  • Wrapped in Michelin's Total Performance, the Primacy 3 is designed to provide the utmost safety, durability and fuel efficiency than its leading competitor.

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