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Pilot Sport PS2

Pilot Sport PS2

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265/35ZR21 101Y N/A --- Add ---
265/40R18 97Y N/A --- Add ---
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275/35R18 95Y N/A --- Add ---
P275/35ZR18 87Y N/A --- Add ---
275/35R19 100Y N/A --- Add ---
275/35ZR19 100Y N/A --- Add ---
275/45R20 110Y N/A --- Add ---
285/35R19 99Y N/A --- Add ---
285/40ZR19 103Y N/A --- Add ---
295/30ZR18 98Y N/A --- Add ---
295/30R18 98Y N/A --- Add ---
295/30R19 100Y N/A --- Add ---
295/35R18 99Y N/A --- Add ---
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315/25R19 98Y N/A --- Add ---
315/30R18 98Y N/A --- Add ---
P325/30ZR19 94Y N/A --- Add ---
325/30ZR20 106Y N/A --- Add ---
325/30ZR21 104Y N/A --- Add ---
335/30R18 102Y N/A --- Add ---

Get sporty handling and exceptional braking performance with the Pilot Sport PS2 from Michelin. This summer tire has an optimized tread design that not only lasts longer than other summer tires but also improves your cornering stability and straight-line driving. Michelin designs this ultrahigh-performance tire for extreme wet and dry conditions, and it comes as original equipment on the BMW M3, Porsche 911 and other sports cars.

Michelin's Ultrahigh-Performance Sport Tires

The Pilot Sport PS2 has an aggressive tread pattern and modern sidewall design that complement the look of most any sports car. The tire's solid center rib improves your steering response and precision while assisting with ride comfort and balanced treadwear. The silica tread compound ensures excellent handling response and braking in both wet and dry weather.

This tire has extended grooves to enhance your wet traction and hydroplaning resistance in standing water. The lateral sipes on the outer shoulder also help with wet traction and high-speed cornering. The tire's optimized contour and reinforced construction blend durability with long tread life for maximum performance throughout the life of the tire. For style and summer driveability, go with the Pilot Sport PS2 from Michelin.

Pilot Sport PS2 Features and Benefits

  • Summer tire for sports cars
  • Top ratings for handling, fuel efficiency and braking
  • Solid center rib for stability and steering response
  • Steep grooves for wet traction and hydroplaning resistance
  • Silica tread for enhanced dry grip and long tread life
  • Outer shoulder slits for better cornering performance at high speeds

Maximum Handling and Ride Quality in One

With the Pilot Sport PS2, you not only get sporty handling and aggressive styling but also enhanced ride comfort and quietness. This tire increases the enjoyment of driving thanks to its center rib for responsiveness and its advanced construction for a smooth ride.

Let the technicians at Kauffman Tire install your new Pilot Sport PS2 tires. We carry a full selection of Michelin tires online and in our stores, and we offer the lowest prices on tires and automotive services for your cars, trucks and SUVs. For a summer tire with exceptional handling characteristics, check out the Pilot Sport PS2.

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