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Pilot Sport Cup

Pilot Sport Cup

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Michelin uses race-inspired tread compounds and high-tensile cords to create the ultrahigh-performance Pilot Sport Cup. This tire gives you enhanced braking and handling response at high speeds and increases your lateral grip during high-spirited driving. In fact, Michelin gives this tire 10-star ratings for handling and braking performance. The Pilot Sport Cup comes standard on the Dodge Viper ACR and other high-performance cars.

Michelin's Ultrahigh-Performance Summer Tire

The Pilot Sport Cup blends high-performance tread compounds with an optimized contour for excellent braking characteristics. Even on wet roads, you experience shorter braking distances and improved cornering at high speeds. This tire combines a semislick outer tread area with a specialized inner tread for giving you exceptional dry cornering with improved high-performance wet handling.

Michelin also creates this tire with steel cords and a polyamide belt system, which support the tread and the crown areas while promoting excellent cornering precision and reactive steering response. With the Pilot Sport Cup, you can excel quickly off the line with optimal grip and maintain highly responsive control throughout straight-line driving and cornering maneuverability. For high-performance style and control, go with the Pilot Sport Cup.

Pilot Sport Cup Features and Benefits

  • Summer tire for high-end automobiles
  • Race-inspired tread for maximum wet and dry handling
  • Built to increase your lap times
  • Semislick outer tread for maximum dry handling
  • Wet-style inner tread for high-speed cornering
  • Steel cords for durability and strength
  • Polyamide belt system for greater cornering capability

Impressive Performance for Summertime Driving

The Pilot Sport Cup gives your car an upgrade in handling response and cornering capability. It has a unique tread design that provides optimal wet and dry grip and delivers excellent steering precision at high speeds. With 10-star ratings for handling and braking, you experience improved lap times and high-speed maneuverability in one.

Find a new set of Pilot Sport Cup tires at Kauffman Tire. We carry a full inventory of Michelin tires and install them right in our shop. We offer the lowest prices on all tires online and at our store, and we even have numerous automotive services for you to choose from. For a summer tire with high-performance capabilities, check out the Pilot Sport Cup.

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