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Tire Services

Properly maintaining your tires through consistent rotations and correct air pressure can extend the life of your tires and other components of your car like your drivetrain and suspension system.

So whether you need a flat repaired, your air pressure checked and leveled off, or you’re in the market for a set of new tires, our associates have you covered.

Kauffman Tire follows tire service guidelines set forth by the

Prices are per tire and apply to most vehicles. Price subject to change. | Please see store for details.

Tire Services

Prices reflect cost per tire. Excludes commercial vehicles.

Lifetime Tire Balancing

Lifetime Force Variation Balance
With Tire Index

Tire Rotation
Passenger/Light Truck 20” and Under

Tire Rotation for
Dual Rear Wheels

Flat Tire Repair
Passenger/Light Truck 20” and Under

Flat Tire Repair
Passenger/Light Truck Above 20”,
RV/Commercial &
Vehicles Above 1 Ton

Tire Installation
Tires not purchased from
Kauffman Tire up to 20"
(Includes lifetime balancing)

Tire Pressure
Monitoring System
Rebuild Kit

Tire Pressure
Monitoring System