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For maximum driveability and on-road performance, BFGoodrich has the tires you need. With a range of all-season, off-road, competition, winter and other tire categories available, you can find the right tires with the perfect fit for your vehicle. Kauffman Tire offers a variety of BFGoodrich tires for passenger cars, light trucks, SUVs and more with fast installation and the lowest prices.

About BFGoodrich

BFGoodrich creates tires for every situation and condition, from driving at high speeds in the rain to plowing through snow in the winter. In fact, this American tire company equipped the first car to travel across the United States in 1903. In 1988, the Goodrich Corporation sold the naming rights to Michelin, which now uses the BFGoodrich name on some racing cars to increase its brand.

BFGoodrich Safety

BFGoodrich develops tires with performance and safety in mind. It uses specialized tread compounds to ensure maximum grip on dry, wet and wintry roads. BFGoodrich creates many of its tires with a Precision Tension Containment System, which optimizes tire strength and maximizes the tread contact area for better control and handling.

BFGoodrich Technology

To ensure optimal wet grip, BFGoodrich uses Aqua Chutes in its all-season, winter and sport-performance tires. These chutes resist hydroplaning and assist with wet traction. It also implements sub-tread layers with specialized profiles for greater stabilization during cornering. Some BFGoodrich tires have ShoulderLock technology for maximum all-terrain traction.

BFGoodrich Tires

BFGoodrich specializes in tire development and understands the need for having different tires for various circumstances. For summer, the g-Force tires offer aggressive styling and superior grip on dry and wet roads. For the winter, the Commercial T/A Traction tires keep your vehicle going through ice and snow. Some of BFGoodrich's popular tires include:

  • Advantage T/A
  • Long Trail T/A Tour
  • Mud-Terrain T/A KM2
  • Krawler T/A KX

BFGoodrich Tires for Your Vehicle

From summer to winter, no one fits your vehicle with the best selection of BFGoodrich tires like Kauffman Tire. We carry the most popular BFGoodrich tires on the market and install them quickly on your vehicle. When you want reliable traction, dependable handling and improved performance, come to Kauffman Tire for a new set of tires from BFGoodrich.


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