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Carlisle understands the need to have reliable trailer tires that perform well at highway speeds and under extremely heavy loads. Therefore, it creates dependable tires that withstand consistent towing and continue to go the distance for hundreds of thousands of miles. Carlisle also produces tires for ATVs, lawn and garden equipment, UTVs and more.

About Carlisle

Carlisle started producing inner tubes in 1917 and prospered until the Great Depression. In 1943, Pharis Tire purchased Carlisle Tire and renamed it the Carlisle Corporation. Over time, Carlisle expanded and developed replacement belts, tires and wheels for the agricultural market. Today, Carlisle continues to produce some of the most popular ATV and trailer tires for recreational and commercial purposes.

Carlisle Safety

Carlisle values safety and knows that trailer tires must adhere to strict regulations for load capacity and distance. Therefore, it develops these tires with a belt package that ensures excellent strength and long tread life. In addition, Carlisle's trailer tires minimize sway at high speeds and meet the Department of Transportation's regulations for highway use.

Carlisle Technology

Because trailer tires succumb to daily road abuse and seasonal weather conditions, Carlisle uses specialized compounds to minimize the effects of dry rot and ensure tire longevity. Carlisle trailer tires also resist heat breakdown from the road and perform well under heavy loads. Carlisle refers to these advanced technologies as DuraTrail and HeatShield.

Carlisle Tires

Carlisle produces a variety of trailer tires for towers, boat trailers and more. Kauffman Tire offers many of these tires for low prices and with fast installation. Some of our Carlisle tires include:

  • Radial Trail RH
  • Sport Trail LT
  • Sport Trail
  • USA Trail
  • Ultra Sport Radial

Check Out Carlisle's Tires

Come to Kauffman Tire for a new set of Carlisle tires for your cargo trailer, boat tower and other trailer applications. These tires have DuraTrail and HeatShield technologies for minimizing wear and tear from driving and extreme weather. Our Carlisle trailer tires have specialized tread compounds for resisting weather rot, and they have a steel belt package for maximum strength and durability. For trailer tires that reduce rolling resistance and sway, invest in Carlisle tires from Kauffman Tire.


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