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Continental Tire produces a range of all-season, sport-performance, winter and commercial tires for vehicles of every make and model. From snow-covered roads to slick highways, Continental tires enhance your vehicle's grip and handling at low and high speeds. Kauffman Tire carries Continental tires for passenger cars, light trucks, SUVs, commercial vehicles and other automobiles.

About Continental

Continental ranks fourth in the world among the top tire manufacturers. This German company began producing tires in 1871 and has manufacturing plants throughout the world. Continental Tire the Americas has locations throughout the USA, Central and South America and produces nearly one-third of Continental's total commercial and passenger tires.

Continental Safety

Continental produces tires with handling, traction, stability and safety in mind. It uses technologies such as Runflat, which allows you to drive on a flat for up to 50 miles. Continental creates durable sidewalls to prevent punctures and blowouts, and the internal structure provides added stability and strength on the open road.

Continental Technology

As mentioned, Continental uses innovative technologies to produce its line of high-quality passenger, truck and commercial tires. For one, EcoPlus Technology improves fuel efficiency, lowers CO2 emissions and reduces rolling resistance. In addition, Continental creates a studless winter tire that provides maximum grip on ice and snow. Continental's Smooth Response Technology improves ride quality, lowers road noise and increases handling response.

Continental Tires

Continental Tire offers a variety of tires for everything from sedans to minivans. The ProContact EcoPlus tire improves gas mileage and extends tread life, and the ContiTrac tire provides all-season traction and control with smooth on-road performance. Other popular Continental tires include:

  • ContiSportContact 2
  • ExtremeContact DW
  • ContiTouringContact CV95
  • CrossContact
  • ContiTrac TR
  • Vanco 2

Experience Continental Tires for Yourself

Get your next set of Continental tires at Kauffman Tire. We offer the best selection of Continental tires anywhere, and we provide the fastest installation and the lowest prices. Whether you prefer all-season tires or require sport-performance tires for the summer, Kauffman Tire has the right Continental tires for your vehicle. Invest in new Continental tires today, and experience smoother, quieter performance on the drive home.


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