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Cooper Tire & Rubber Company produces a variety of tires that fit passenger cars, light trucks, SUVs and commercial vehicles. It also creates tires for specific weather conditions, such as its Discoverer winter tires or its Zeon RS3-A summer tires. Cooper not only creates tires with performance and handling in mind but also stability, strength and durability.

About Cooper

Cooper ranks as the world's 11th largest tire manufacturer and fourth largest in the United States. It started manufacturing tires in 1914 under the name The Giant Tire & Rubber Company before changing it to Cooper Tire in 1946. It aims to create innovative tires that enhance driver response and safety.

Cooper Safety

Cooper believes that tires should perform well and ensure safety on the open road. Therefore, Cooper uses a variety of safety technologies and complies with highway safety standards. In addition, Cooper tires have a high Uniform Tire Quality Grading for increased tire life and high grades for traction and temperature resistance.

Cooper Technology

Cooper creates high-performance tires with advanced mold profiles and specialized tread designs for maximum handling and traction. Other technologies include Stabiledge for upgraded vehicle performance and 3D Micro-Gauge Siping for improved handling and tire control. Winter tires have Snow Groove Design Technology, which provides biting edges for increased traction without decreasing tread element stiffness.

Cooper Tires

From the Zeon to the WM SA2, Cooper produces a huge inventory of tires for almost every vehicle. The Weather-Master WSC offers the ultimate performance in wintry conditions while the Trendsetter SE provides all-season performance and handling. Other popular Cooper tires include:

  • CS4 Touring
  • Cobra Radial G/T
  • Zeon RS3-A
  • Lifeliner GLS
  • Discoverer S/T Maxx

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