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Dunlop creates tires for maximum performance on the highway and the track. With a range of tires for all-season, winter, summer and off-road driving, you always get optimal handling and response no matter where or what vehicle you drive. Don't just settle for any set of tires; let Kauffman Tire fit your vehicle with high-quality tires from Dunlop.

About Dunlop

As a subsidiary of Goodyear, Dunlop makes tires for drivers who want greater steering response, handling and traction in any weather. Dunlop's journey began in 1888 with a patent for tires that combined canvas and liquid rubber. The racing circuit adopted Dunlop tires, and now these brand name tires improve the performance of vehicles across the globe.

Dunlop Safety

Dunlop ensures that its tires meet the Department of Transportation's standards. Its inventory of tires contain various tread compounds for extending tire life, minimizing blowouts, reducing hydroplaning and allowing you to drive up to 50 miles on a flat tire.

Dunlop Technology

With innovation in mind, Dunlop creates its tires with a series of technologies that improve performance, control, traction and handling. Hydro-Paddle Technology improves wet traction, and Multi-Pitch Tread Design Technology reduces road noise. DuPont Kevlar provides greater on-road feedback and reinforces the sidewalls. With Dunlop's Silicarbon Matrix, you experience superior grip in dry and wet weather.

Dunlop Tires

Dunlop produces tires for passenger cars, light and heavy-duty trucks, SUVs, crossovers and more. It has all-season and sport-performance tires, such as the GrandTrek and the SP Sport Maxx. Dunlop also has signature tires with sleek designs and Direzza tires for sports cars. Popular Dunlop tires include:

  • Mud Rover
  • SP Sport 5000M
  • Signature II
  • Grandtrek ST8000

Dunlop at Kauffman Tire

Equip your vehicle with a set of reliable Dunlop tires from Kauffman Tire. We carry the best selection of Dunlop tires and offer fast installation and the lowest prices. No matter if you drive a sports coupe or a light truck, we have the right set of Dunlop tires for your ride. From all-season tires to Dunlop's Signature Series, let Kauffman introduce you to the dependability and performance of Dunlop.


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