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Fierce tires work well for all-season driving and give you reliable performance in wet, dry and wintry conditions. From the Attitude M/T to the Instinct ZR, Fierce tires fit a range of passenger cars and trucks and improve their handling and control on the open road. For a set of Fierce tires for your vehicle, Kauffman Tire has the right set for you.

About Fierce

Fierce entered the market with three tires for drivers who need dependable all-season driving. In 2006, Goodyear purchased the Fierce tire company and added its line of tires to the Goodyear inventory. Today, Fierce operates as a subsidiary of Goodyear and continues to offer dependable all-season tires to the masses.

Fierce Safety

Fierce tires contain the same technologies for safety and control that Goodyear tires do. The tires comply with all Department of Transportation regulations and standards, and they improve handling, braking and control in all weather conditions.

Fierce Technology

Fierce all-terrain tires feature rugged shoulder blocks for better off-road grip. Fierce also implements rim flange protectors on all its tires to protect the rims from curb damage. The tires also have advanced groove technology for displacing water and improving wet traction.

Fierce Tires

Fierce offers three distinct tires for the Goodyear inventory: the Attitude M/T, the Instinct VR and the Instinct ZR. The Attitude M/T increases your performance for off-road driving while the Instinct VR and ZR offer responsive handling and control on the road. The Instinct has sleek tread designs and provides optimal wet and dry grip for sports coupes and sedans. The Attitude M/T has a rugged appearance for plowing through mud, snow and the worst driving conditions.

Fierce Tires at Kauffman Tire

Improve your vehicle's performance with a set of Fierce tires from Kauffman Tire. We carry all three Fierce-series tires at the lowest prices available, and we install them quickly and get you back on the road. Whether you drive a truck or a sports coupe, we have the right Fierce tires for your vehicle. For the lowest prices on Fierce tires anywhere, choose Kauffman tire for your next tire purchase.


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