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Equip your car, truck or SUV with the dependability and performance of General Tire. No matter what you drive, General Tire has a full range of tires to fit your needs. From all-season tires to tires made specifically for winter driving, General Tire produces reliable tires that improve your vehicle's handling and control in any weather.

About General Tire

General Tire grew from a humble tire company in 1915 to a global supplier of high-quality tires for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. General Tire operates as part of Continental Tire the Americas and delivers a complete line of high-performance, light truck, off-road and commercial tires for drivers everywhere.

General Tire Safety

General Tire meets the same standards for performance and dependability that Continental tires do. The tires have specialized tread compounds for longevity, innovative siping for wet traction and reinforced sidewalls for reduced blowouts and damage.

General Tire Technology

General tires have technologies that other tires do not have, such as Replacement Tire Monitors and Visual Alignment Indicators. These two technologies alert you to misalignment and the tires' treadwear condition. In addition, General Tire's advanced sound reduction technology ensures reduced in-cabin noise for a quieter ride.

General Tire's Inventory

From performance to commercial, General Tire offers a variety of tires for every type of vehicle. The G-Maxx and the Altimax improve the performance of sports coupes and sedans, and the Grabber HTS offers reliable traction and control for passenger cars and minivans. For light trucks and SUVs, the Grabber Series promotes greater handling and steering response on and off the road. General Tire also produces tires for commercial vehicles and for drivers who require the ultimate traction in winter. Some of these tires include:

  • Altimax Arctic
  • Grabber OD
  • G-Maxx AS-03
  • ST250 LP

General Tires at Kauffman Tire

Come to Kauffman Tire for the best selection of General tires at the lowest prices. We offer fast installation and equip your vehicle with the right set of General tires for all-season, winter, off-road or high-performance driving. When you need tires that improve your handling and steering precision, look to General tires from Kauffman Tire.


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