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gladiator  Tires

For dependable trailer and light truck tires, look to Gladiator from Kauffman Tire. We offer select Gladiator tires that improve your vehicle and optimize its performance on the open road. Gladiator develops its tires with an emphasis on performance and ride quality, so you feel and hear the difference once you equip your vehicle with Gladiator tires.

About Gladiator

Gladiator manufactures its line of tires in China and concentrates on building them with durable construction and outstanding design quality. Gladiator specializes in creating tires for ATVs, commercial vehicles, light trucks and trailers. It builds dependable tires that solve the inadequacies and structural problems of other trailer and truck tires.

Gladiator Safety

Gladiator tires meet the Department of Transportation's regulations for highway use. Each tire has a specialized tread design for a smoother, quieter ride. In addition, Gladiator designs its tires with handling, braking and stability in mind.

Gladiator Technology

Gladiator tires have internal steel belts for maximum stability and durability. They also have innovative longitudinal and lateral siping for wet traction. The tread design ensures a quiet ride at highway speeds, and the tread compounds resist damage from the weather and consistent driving.

Gladiator Tires

Gladiator offers a selection of tires for ATVs, commercial trucks, light passenger trucks and trailers. The trailer tires withstand constant towing and heavy loads, and the truck tires enhance your vehicle's braking and overall performance. Gladiator offers four light truck tires and one trailer tire in its inventory. Kauffman Tire carries the QR700-SUV tire and the ST Radial for trailers. Gladiator designs all of its tires for longevity and improved fuel economy.

Gladiator at Kauffman Tire

When you need a better trailer tire for hauling your boat, horse or other cargo, look to Kauffman Tire for a set of Gladiator radials. In addition, we have Gladiator truck tires that withstand long-distance driving and improve your vehicle's performance on the open road. We offer the best selection of Gladiator tires with fast installation and the lowest prices available. No matter if you have a boat trailer or an SUV, equip them both with Gladiator tires for improved handling and control.


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