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Kelly-Springfield Tire Company knows what it takes to build durable and dependable tires. From all-terrain to all-season, you can find the right tire that fits your needs on and off the road. Kauffman Tire offers a selection of high-quality Kelly tires for everything from sedans to SUVs. For better performance on the open road, trust your ride on Kelly tires.

About Kelly Tires

Kelly-Springfield Tire Company began in 1894 under the name Rubber Tire Wheel Company. Over the years, other companies bought and sold Kelly until it landed with the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in 1935. It now operates as a subsidiary of Goodyear and continues to build reliable tires for drivers everywhere.

Kelly Safety

Goodyear paves the way for driver safety on the road; therefore, every Kelly tire adheres to the same strict regulations and standards that Goodyear tires do. Kelly tires have innovative tread compounds and a specialized construction for minimizing wear and tear, reducing rolling resistance, improving braking and enhancing steering response and precision.

Kelly Technology

Kelly uses a variety of technologies to create its line of innovative tires. For example, the Safari TSR tire has patented rock-patterned tread for greater traction for off-road driving. Kelly also uses advanced tread designs to ensure maximum grip and handling in wet and dry conditions.

Kelly Tires

From winter tires to sport-performance tires, Kelly offers a range of tires that fit most every type of vehicle. For winter, the Kelly SnowTracker Radial ST/2 offers outstanding traction on ice and snow. For sports-performance, the Kelly Charger GT has a sleek design and offers improved grip on wet and dry roads. Other popular Kelly tires include:

  • Explorer Plus
  • Safari ATR
  • Safari Signature
  • Safari TSR

Kelly Tires at Kauffman Tire

Enjoy a better ride on and off the road with a set of Kelly tires on your vehicle. Kauffman Tire offers the best selection of Kelly tires with low prices and fast installation. From sports coupes to SUVs, we install the right Kelly tire on your ride for maximum performance and driveability. When other tires fail to deliver, choose Kelly tires at your local Kauffman dealer.


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