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Mastercraft creates tires for drivers who want optimal traction, handling and performance for everyday driving. From passenger tires to commercial tires, Mastercraft produces a range of tires that deliver higher levels of styling, balance and control for vehicles of all types. Furthermore, Kauffman Tire carries a range of Mastercraft tires to suit the needs of every driver.

About Mastercraft

Mastercraft has produced tires since 1909 and operates as a subsidiary of Cooper Tire & Rubber Company. It specializes in all-season tires for cars and trucks and also produces some of the top all-terrain tires for recreational and commercial driving. Mastercraft continues to focus on creating new tire technologies while meeting a driver's demand for quality and reliability.

Mastercraft Safety

Mastercraft implements high-tech features in its tires to ensure safety on the open road. From the all-season tire to the all-terrain tire, each one has specialized tread compounds for maximum handling and an innovative design for traction and ride comfort. In addition, every Mastercraft tire complies with the Department of Transportation's standards and regulations.

Mastercraft Technology

Most of Mastercraft's tires have coupled silica tread compound to reduce rolling resistance and improve tread life. The innovative four-rib tread design on the all-season tires provides greater stability and traction. Mastercraft also uses sound-reduction technologies to minimize in-cabin noise for a quieter ride at highway speeds.

Mastercraft Tires

Because Mastercraft produces so many different tires for all types of vehicles, Kauffman Tire carries a full selection of tires to fit your needs. From all-season passenger tires to off-road tires for trucks, you can find the right tire for your vehicle's make and model. Some of our popular Mastercraft tires include:

  • Avenger GT
  • Strategy
  • AS IV Radial
  • Courser A/T2
  • HTR Plus

Mastercraft Tires at Kauffman Tire

For dependable Mastercraft tires, look to Kauffman Tire for the best selection and the lowest prices. We offer fast installation and get your vehicle back on the road in no time. Our Mastercraft collection extends to SUVs, crossovers and commercial vehicles, so you can always find the right tire no matter what type of vehicle you drive.


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