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Pirelli understands the need for luxury tires and creates a variety of premium tires for brands such as Lamborghini and Ferrari. From all-season passenger tires to summer-performance sports tires, Pirelli produces high-quality tires with traction, precision and response in mind. No matter the season or reason, choose Pirelli tires for maximum ride quality and performance.

About Pirelli

Pirelli ranks in the top five of the world's largest tire manufacturers. Founded in 1872, the Italian-born company began creating premium tires and has sponsored racing events and sports competitions since 1907. Pirelli also supplies tires to Formula One racing.

Pirelli Safety

Pirelli puts an emphasis on combining safety with handling and response at low and high speeds. Pirelli tires have specialized tread patterns for improved grip and cornering stability, longitudinal grooves for water traction and hydroplaning resistance, and internal steel belts for added stability and tire strength.

Pirelli Technology

Because Pirelli creates tires for passenger cars, trucks and SUVs, it uses a variety of technologies to improve a vehicle's performance. While some tires have energy-efficient compounds for decreasing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, others have innovative racing tread compound for increased levels of grip, traction and braking performance.

Pirelli Tires

Pirelli not only makes tires for cars, light trucks and SUVs but also for motorcycles. It creates all-season tires, winter and sport-performance tires, and touring and extreme condition tires. Some of its most popular car tires include the P Zero and the Winter Carving Edge. Pirelli truck and SUV tires include the Scorpion Verde and P Zero Rosso. Pirelli also offers P Zero-series motorcycle tires for the track and the circuit.

Invest in Pirelli Tires from Kauffman Tire

For premium tires that enhance your car or truck, go with Pirelli tires from Kauffmann Tire. We have a full selection of Pirelli tires that not only enhance your vehicle's styling but also its handling, stability, braking and overall performance. For over 100 years, Pirelli has established itself as a viable tire company with an emphasis on quality. Invest in Pirelli tires for your vehicle, and experience the difference in your ride quality and performance.


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