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Drive with more comfort and reduced noise on Starfire tires from Kauffman Tire. Starfire builds high-value tires that perform well on passenger cars and light trucks and provide excellent treadwear for up to 60,000 miles. Because these tires utilize Cooper's tire technologies, they offer a dependable ride and maximum performance.

About Starfire Tires

Starfire Tire operates as a subsidiary of Cooper Tire and Rubber Company. It designs tires with value, comfort and quietness in mind and uses Cooper's advanced tire technology to deliver high-performance tires to drivers everywhere.

Starfire Safety

Because Starfire is part of Cooper, it surpasses the Department of Transportation's requirements for highway safety. Starfire uses technologies such as circumferential ribs and five-pitch variation to enhance steering response and stability when driving at high speeds. In addition, Starfire tires feature durable construction and withstand the wear and tear of the open road.

Starfire Technology

Starfire tires compete with other premium tires thanks to Cooper's technologies. Starfire tires, such as the RS-C 2.0, have four straight grooves for superior water drainage and a solid center rib for optimal stability and steering response. Starfire also designs its tires with a five-pitch variation for superior ride comfort and low road noise. Safety technology, such as solid shoulder blocks, provide excellent handling when braking and steering.

Starfire Tires

Starfire creates a variety of tires for passenger cars, light trucks and SUVs. Kauffman Tire carries select Starfire tires to ensure your vehicle operates its best on the road. Just some of our Starfire tires include:

  • RS-C 2.0
  • SF340
  • SF510

Starfire Tires at Kauffman Tire

Get a premium set of Starfire tires for your vehicle at Kauffman Tire. We offer fast installation and the lowest prices on Starfire tires for cars and trucks. These tires provide a quieter ride compared to similar tires in their class, and they feature added technologies to ensure maximum driveability and safety on the highway. Starfire tires increase your vehicle's performance and also upgrade its style thanks to their sleek aesthetics. For dependable tires that offer low noise and reliable handling, go with Starfire from Kauffman Tire.


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