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Toyo creates innovative tires for most vehicle makes and models. From light trucks and SUVs to luxury sedans and minivans, Toyo produces tires that increase your vehicle's traction, steering response and handling. With tires like the Open Country and Proxes, you gain dependable performance whether you race on the track or travel across the country.

About Toyo

Toyo formed in the United States in 1966 with an intent to create innovative, high-quality tires for cars, trucks, SUVs and commercial vehicles. Toyo has sold tires throughout the world for more than 65 years and produces most of its tires at a cutting-edge facility in the state of Georgia.

Toyo's Safety Standards

Toyo believes that performance starts with safety. Therefore, it complies with the safety standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Rubber Manufacturers Association. Toyo also produces its tires with specific technologies, such as Runflat Technology, to ensure driver and passenger safety on the road.

Toyo Tire Technology

Toyo incorporates walnut shells into the tires to increase traction and minimize the use of synthetic materials that harm the environment. Toyo also uses three steel belts for reinforcement and durability, and it uses Silent Wall technology and an Advanced Tire Operation Module for reducing road noise and creating smoother ride quality.

Toyo Tire Inventory

From the Extensa A/S to the Proxes 4 Plus, Toyo creates specialized tires for everything from sports coupes to pickup trucks. The Proxes 4 Plus works great for drivers who enjoy traveling for mile and miles, and the Extensa A/S provides all-season performance in wet, dry and wintry conditions. Other popular Toyo tires include:

  • Versado Noir
  • Versado CUV
  • Open Country H/T
  • Open Country AT II

Toyo Tires at Kauffman Tire

Whether you drive a crossover or a sports coupe, equip your ride with Toyo tires from Kauffman Tire. We offer a full inventory of Toyo tires from the Extensa to the Open Country. Toyo creates tires with handling and driveability in mind, so every tire has Toyo's innovative technologies for maximum performance. For serious drivers who want serious tires, look no further than Toyo tires at Kauffman.


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